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Alas, a flashlight! (Silent Hill 2 part deux.)

At the behest of a close buddy of mine, I decided to jump back onboard Silent Hill (Okay, no, but I was overanalyzing silent hill 5 with him, and then decided it sounded worth a try again). So, reinstalled the game and, lucky for me, my save files weren’t deleted by my last uninstall! So here I was again, wandering like a confused, blind, shellshocked rat through a derelict apartment building.

Now, granted, that’s exactly what I was doing the last time I played, but this time I went a little bit further and found a flashlight! Now that I can read my trusty map again, I’m a lot less frustrated. Also I found a gun. It shoots shiny bullets. I love my gun <33.

And I got the shit scared out of me. Not by one of Silent Hill’s trademark mind fucks, but in more of a totally unintentional Doom style BOO when a lying body was waiting right outside a god damned door for me. It tasted my nail-covered 2×4… Yes it did.

So, this is going well thus far. I’m hoping now that I’ve got a gun and a light source, I might not hate the game quite so much.

Additionally, Silent Hill 5 is apparently much more action oriented than the others of the series, so if I get the chance to try it out, I’ll report my thoughts on that as well.

‘Till then, Pyramid Head time ;D.

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