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Not dead.

I promise. Just too lazy to post lately. especially with TGS come and gone, it’s just been info overload – I need some time to organise my thoughts into a coherent fashion.

Not that any of you care.

In the meantime, I spent last night at a buddy of mine’s (A gamer with a social life?! No way.) watching UFC. There was much pizza and many dick jokes, it was cool. the next (this) morning, we switched on the 360 and got in a couple games of Halo 3. In our last one, we focussed on the coolest looking ways to kill eachother for the sake of later going through and taking screenshots. It was very inventive and kind of silly watching us sitting on a couch with controllers in our hands trying to methodically and perfectly time a jump and a rocket shot so it would hit the other guy in the face at the apex of their jump.

So, in the spirit of that, and the fact that I have little else to offer right now unless you want me to start blubbering about how Sonic Unleashed is going to be the best thing ever, I give you the screenshots produced. Unfortunately I don’t think we captured our best moments.

Not that I’m the Elite (The red dude, for you non-Halo-literate.

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