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I keep forgetting this is a thing.

Anyway, hey, hi. I think the last time I posted was well over a year ago, and yet I’m still getting an average of 15 views a day. You guys are insane. Now, I realize this is probably due to a lot of search engine queries for certain images or Quake, Sonic, et al, but still; I could actually start updating here frequently. I don’t really like the ‘Cynic with a game pad’ name anymore, kinda wish I could change it. Also, I’ve since acquired a moderately decent desktop and an xbox 360, so the shtick with playing shitty old games doesn’t really fly. Though, to be fair, I could keep doing that.

I just don’t want to.

I’ve never really said much about myself, when I started this blog some three or four years ago, I was sixteen or seventeen and dead set on keeping that a secret. I’m twenty one now, and a little less insecure about people taking me seriously. Don’t take me seriously, hell, I don’t. Anyway, let’s try some basic introductions. Hi, my name is Ian, and I like video games. Quite a bit, actually, it’s sort of a love/hate relationship. Rayman Origins comes out and teaches me how to love again, and then a shovel-ware annual sequel is announced and I lose my will to pick up a controller.

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