Many moons ago, my decent PC died and I was forced to compensate through the purchase of a 700 dollar laptop. So, now here I am with a GeForce Go 7150M, 3 gigs of ram, a dual core processor and, thanks to the first item, very little to do with all of it.

In lieu of my situation, I began scouring the internet for games I could actually play (Anything from about 2004 and back with some unexplainable exceptions – Don’t ask me to explain why Prince of Persia plays like shit when Doom 3 works fine.) on this clearly not gaming considerate machine.

Of course, in that pile you find good, and bad, and I’m very oppinionated, so in the middle of a nice round of Silent Hill 2, with many rather sardonic comments building up in my head I said “Hey, why not?!”. I’d bitched about the gaming industry and reviewed games before, so why not actually do it in an organised fashion? Well, organised and I don’t go together wonderfully, that’s why, but what the hell, I wanted to see where it would go!

Well, it didn’t go very far. Not for lack of interest, but for lack of author contribution. After two months, I let the blog go untamed for two years. In 2010, not much has changed. My old laptop died. My new one still sucks, thought I’ve traded processing power for an only slightly better graphics card. I’m still stuck playing relatively old games. I have, however, procured an Xbox 360, so I can now comment on newer product. In light of the view activity of the blog, I decided it was time to set up shop again, cynical as ever.


Or leave a comment on any of my posts and I’ll get back to you as best I can!

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