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Oh my god. I’m so behind.

March 5, 2011 Leave a comment

Man, I’m kind of a flake. I have a lot of opinions about games and the game industry, but I don’t seem to have the fortitude to put any of it in to words. My mind works at a million miles an hour and by the time I get done writing a couple paragraphs, I blank on where I was headed with it. In any case, VIDEO GAMES, right guys?! Let’s talk about them! How ’bout them 2011 releases and that Prince of Persia: Forgotten Sands review I promised and never delivered?

    Alright, so this game isn’t… bad. It’s just also not very good. Poptfs is probably one of the most blatant cash ins I’ve ever experienced, though also probably one of the most relatively enjoyable, as cash ins usually blow. While the game may not have been designed to be an adaption of the new (at the time) Sands of Time movie, it was clearly designed to coincide with the release in the hopes that either someone would play it and see the movie, or see the movie and play it. As far as story goes, it’s probably the weakest of the series. This didn’t have to happen; the seven year gap between Sands of Time and Warrior Within left a lot of room for a more engaging storyline than HEY HERE’S YOUR BROTHER YOU’VE NEVER HEARD OF BEFORE AND WILL NEVER MENTION AGAIN NOW SAVE HIS CASTLE FROM GIANT MONSTERS.
    I was personally hoping for a story chronicling the Prince’s decline from good natured, cocky hero to I. STAND ALOOOONE. INSIDE I. STAND ALOOONE (stand aloooone.). This was not what I got, and it feels kind of like a waste.
    Mechanically, the game takes cues from both its predecessors and its sister franchise, Assassins Creed. This is no surprise, since the game was built off the AC framework. This is probably the best part of the game, however, as it maintains that old PoP free running puzzle feel, while having the fluidity of Assassins Creed traversal. If they were to, say, remake the entire SOT trilogy with this technology, I probably wouldn’t argue.
    Visually, the game is a mishmash of environments that look like suped up remakes of Sands of Time, Warrior Within, and Two Thrones locations. One room is almost literally a twin to the mechanical gear room puzzle in Warrior Within. It was a nice bit of nostalgia, but it felt kind of hollow, like the developers couldn’t be assed to make a new and interesting environment for this game. Then again, a castle is pretty much a castle, so what are you gonna do?
    Lastly, at least the game wasn’t difficult. I breezed through it without dying more than maybe three times, and those deaths were all due to faulty attempts at puzzleforming (my word for puzzle platforming that I just made up right now.). The combat flows well, and once you significantly power up the Prince, he pretty much rips through most enemies. So, while the game wasn’t particularly engaging, it was breezy enough for me to bother finishing it.

    So this has been kind of a crappy write up, but I’ve had about four hours of sleep and I’m not really going for professional grade quality here. Plus, if you wanted to play this game, you already have. I just wanted to get my thoughts down.

  • The Age of Dragons. Again.
    This year holds two dragon related sequels that are probably going to occupy my time and own my soul. First, and most directly relevant, is Dragon Age 2. Excuse me… Dragon Age II.¬†Oooooh lordy. Dragon Age: Origins single handedly stole away about 60 hours of my life; 40 for one playthrough and 20 between all the others I’ve started and never finished. Recently, I borrowed my friend’s 360 copy of Dragon Age to get a save file in there to carry over to DA2, since I played the original on a woefully underpowered laptop and I want to play DA2 without worrying about my graphics card melting. After watching me play it for a couple hours, though, he was immediately sucked back in and jacked the game back from me. Who was I to argue? That’s the power of Dragon Age. I had almost forgotten just how the early days of that game were. Everyone talked about the things they did and no two people seemed to have the same experience. I can’t wait to have that experience all over again. Some people seem to be throwing pot shots at the mechanics, the story, the writing, the new dialogue system, etc. I say shut up and have some faith, this is Bioware we’re talking about. The only time they’ve even come close to producing a bad game was that Sonic RPG from a few years back. Just be glad they aren’t outsourcing DA2 to Obsidian, then we’d get a half finished, broken game that’s nearly a carbon copy of the first. Here’s lookin’ at you, KOTOR 2.
    Oh right, Dragons. So there’s this little franchise that started out on the PC years ago. Elder Scrolls, you may have heard of it. Well, after five years and two fallout titles of patiently waiting, TES V is coming, and it looks amazing. Now, people love to knock Oblivion these days for its faults, but hey, fuck you, Oblivion was incredible when it came out. It’s still fun to take a romp trough Cyrodil occasionally, if only to kill -everyone-.
    I could talk about this game for paragraphs, ¬†but I don’t want to right now. I wonder how a Skyrim anticipation podcast would work out… Point is, I’m fucking hyped for this game.
  • Supremacy MMA
    This game looks siiiiick. No, just kidding, this game looks like absolute dog shit and I hope it fails commercially. Way to set the sport back like ten years, guys. Jesus.


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