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And old friend.

November 28, 2008 1 comment
Good to have you back, buddy.
Good to have you back, buddy.

However, in 2008, Sonic Unleashed (Pictured above instead of one of the less desireable games) was announced which, after a half decade of utter shit, is beginning to seem like the light at the end of the tunnel. A new team, a new engine, a return to a more classic cartoony look, and Sonic as the only playable character – as well as 2D sidescrolling action, yes, on a home console, are making this shape up to be perhaps the beginning of a rise to grace for the once mighty furry. I personally just hope it’s not a temporary thing

I said this over two months ago in regards to the latest in the line of Sonic outings. Like anyone else, I had my doubts, fears, hopes, and dreams. However, for once, I was given exactly what I asked for. To anyone who doubted the potential of the little spiky rodent we’ve known for so long, I throw this game in your face as a nonverbal ‘Fuck You’.

Do yourself a favour: Don’t read reviews of this game. For one, reviewers seemed determine to compare every Sonic game to past ones, and focus only on the negatives. For another, everyone seems to be only reviewing the Wii version of the title, and that lower tier half of the package doesn’t do the experience justice.

Don’t read. Just get the game, get it for the PS3 or 360, and play it, then come here and tell me it’s a bad game, I dare you.

Sonic at his best, branching paths, exploration, a solid engine, polish and love in the title, and a reason to be proud to be a Sonic fan again. Count me in.

unleashed_sonicWelcome back, Sonic.